Mei Li
Animator / Illustrator



about mei

Emerging international awards winning animator working towards M.F.A. degree at Pratt Institute. Professional experience includes two years directing animation shorts and three years character animation for TV series in China. Strong interests in joining creative team producing commercial motion graphics and visual concept development for brand marketing. 

Break the Fire | Aug 2015 - Present | M.F.A. Thesis
A five-minute cutout silhouette animation about a young queen who lost her father when he fought a dragon in order to protect his kingdom. To save her people and revenge for her father, she set foot on the same journey.

The Blue Butterfly | Aug 2015 - Aug 2016 | Animation Studio
A five-minute watercolor style animated short tells a story about an old man that travels around the world capturing butterflies in order to relive the moments spent with his wife.

TANSHI | May 2009 - Sep 2009 | Personal
A two-minute Chinese ink painting style animated short about two goldfish fairies fall in love but separated by a goddess and seal in two stones. In order to change their fate, they decide to fight back. 

Senior Commercial Video Designer | Apr 2015 - Aug 2015
TP-LINK Co.Ltd. | Shenzhen China
- Created “Wi-Fi Range Extender - RE450”, a digital comic-style commercial
- Shot on a Canon 5D and edited the promotional How To videos in Adobe Premiere

Post-production Director | Feb 2012 - Apr 2014
HUAQIANG Digital Film Co. Ltd. | Shenzhen China
- Worked on storyboards and the concept art for three Animated Shorts
- Directed the promotional video of Qianhai Economic Development Zone

Senior 2D Animation Artist | Oct 2009 - May 2011
CCTV XINKE Animation Channel | Beijing China
- Created the sequence title for the 50-episode animated TV series “Hello China”
- Worked as the concept designer and animator in five episodes in the same project. 

Pratt Institute | Aug 2015 - Present | New York M.F.A. Animation and Motion Arts

Communication University of China | Sep 2005 - Jun 2009 | Beijing B.A. Animation

The Blue Butterfly
Winner: Best Animation Asians On Film | US 2017

International Animated Short Film Festival AJAYU | Peru 2016 IndustryBOOST Competition | US 2016

Meraki International Film Fest | Spain 2016
Los Angeles CineFest |US 2017

Official Selections:
Malatesta Short Film Festival | Italy 2017
Grand IndieWise Convention | US 2016
Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival | India 2016
Anim! Arte - International Student Animation Festival | Brazil 2017
MONSTRA 2017 International Student Short Films Competition | Portugal 2017

Official Selection:
Aniwow International Student Animation Festival | Beijing 2009